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How to search opportunities for your performance as Comedian?

It is easy to think about becoming a stand up comedian. You can find fine and attractive materials for your performance. The most important factor in being comedian is to get opportunity to perform and amuse people with your art. The live environment of open mic shows is really a good opportunity for beginners. At regular comedy clubs, you may find some resistance but there are other ways to do your job.

At first, try some open mic for you start as comedian. For this purpose, survey your zone and mark out the opportunities you may acquire. Contact the organizers and seek chance for you. It is not as simple as it seems. You may have to face some hurdles in this process too. Don’t lose your heart and continue your efforts, as first step is ever difficult.

If you do not find any open mic organizer in your locality, you can start your own open mic center for stand up comedy. For this purpose, what you need is a location or some venue where you can gather your audience. Keep in view that your venue should be sufficient for people of your area. Secondly, everyone can see you performing so that you can get a good exposure. It will make you popular in your community and also a good start for your career.

At your venue, your conversation with people in excellent manner is another essential requirement. Your humble and jolly combination for speech will attract people and enhance your spectators. Along with these arrangements, keep in touch with your area organizer for getting recommendations to have the shows in your region. In start, you may have to perform free of cost but future could be full of earnings.

It is also important point that how you dressed up for your event. You may get guidelines from stand up comedy videos. So, you should not ignore them. As you have to perform in live environment so you dressing should not be extra ordinary. Simple and casual wear is appreciated for these occasions. A much gaudy dress converts you into magician rather than a comedian. Sophisticated dressing will have a good impact and will prominent your art. Wearing suit is quite appropriate for displaying such performance.

Your confidence and material delivery both are much significant with respect of starting a career. Your style should be unique and have a good impact on your audience so that you can get a good response.

Polishing your performance as a stand up comedian

So you’re a funny guy and you’ve learnt all the basic stand up comedy techniques.  All you need to so now is to put them into action.  So, you’re ready to rush the stage right?  Absolutely not.  Knowing what to do is one thing, putting it into action is quite another.  So before you’re ready for the spotlight, here is what you need to do.  Practice and practice some more and just when you think you’ve done enough, think again.  You know what I’m going to say?  Practice some more!  The first and biggest mistake a stand up can make is to think they can rehearse in front of their audience.  It is true that you should become more polished the more confident and familiar you are in front of an audience, but failure to rehearse before hitting the stage with your routine is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare you for your first on stage moment:

  1. Rehearse in front of the mirror or on video so you can see/watch your own performance and identify areas for improvement.  You should rehearse out loud, using the body language and voice tone you will feel comfortable using on stage.  If necessary, adopt different postures and voice tones till you find the one that gives you the most confidence and the one you are more comfortable with.
  2. Trial your routine in front of a ‘friendly’ audience of family, friends or colleagues.  Ask for constructive criticism. 
  3. Get confident in your timings.  On stage time is at a premium and any spot you are given you will be required to work to the exact timing.  Initially some spots can be as little as 3 minutes, up to 15 minutes for spots at a lot of comedy clubs.  Practice your material, making sure you are conscious of the time you need for each ‘joke’ in your routine. 
  4. When you are ready, check out as many ‘open mic’ events as you can.  These provide a great opportunity for gaining experience of audiences without the pressure of a paid booking.